Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Look, it’s easy to remember each Leo Club must do .............................

All you need to do is to send the following items before the 5th of every month.

  1. Complete the MAAR1 form as well as the PAR form (optional, provided there is a project report)
  2. You are advised to re size all your photos before sending them. The photos must be converted to .jpg (JPEG) files!
  3. Your monthly report file shall consist of MAAR1, PAR, Treasurer Report and must not exceed 3MB in total. ZIP up all your files in one file or convert all your files into a single PDF file.
  4. You have to rename your zip/pdf file in order of the month of submission, your region and your club. For example, the Leo Club of SMJK Penang from Region 1 is to submit their July report filed as: 072007-r1-smjkpenang
  5. Reports submitted after every 5th of the month is considered late but we will still accept your submission after 5th of the month.

Please send a copy of your reports each to :
1) District Chairman for Leo Clubs ( email address: )

RCC for Leo Clubs, Region 1 ( email address : )

3) Your Sponsoring Lions Club President

4) Your Lion Leo Advisor

5) Your Alpha Leo Faculty Teacher Advisor (in printed/typed form), if you are an Alpha Leo Club.

All reports received via the internet system will be compiled and a summarised report will then be posted on the internet in the following month. If you have any queries or discrepancies, please send an email to / )

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