Tuesday, August 24, 2010

40 Years of M.A.D Celebrations

FYI, 40 years ago 2nd Sept 1970, the Leo Program entered Malaysia with the first one launched by the Lions Club of Ipoh host sponsoring SMK Anderson Leo Club. 40 years today, we have more than 200 Leo Clubs in Malaysia!

Leo Clubs used to be a program of Lions Club, and currently recognized as an affiliated body of Lions Clubs International. There is a saying that goes, once a Leo, always a Lion. There are many Lions of today who were former Leos who continued their Lionism by bringing the spirit into the next level. I believe the seeds that we plant into a Leo Club today, will bear fruits in time to come. Hence, emphasizing on Leo is inevitably a great investment for all in the long run!

Come this 28-29th of August 2010, B2 has initiated a celebration for 40 Years of Leo Service in Malaysia. 40 Leo Clubs nationwide will be organizing Eco projects in their schools or at a community area. Some B1 Leo Clubs are also planting trees in their school as this time frame, it's a celebration for the Leos in the country.

If you happen to come across some of the these activities done by a Leo club in your area, do stop by if possible. It's a great celebration!


Lion Alan Thoo
B2 Passion Editor

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