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Updated Awards Guidelines for District 308B2 2009-2010

Dear Leos,

Click here for the latest updates on the guidelines to the District 308B2 LEO Awards! Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to drop me or DC Alan an email or

District 308 B2 Leo Clubs Award Guidelines 2009/2010

i) Year Planner & Annual Budget for fiscal year 2009/2010 to be submitted to DC, RCC,
Sponsoring Lions Club President, Leo Advisor, Faculty Leo Advisor (where applicable) by 31st
July 2009
ii) Installation/Election for the fiscal year must be done by 30th September 2009 unless due to
unforeseen circumstances being postponed
iii) MAAR 1 & respective PAR to be submitted to DC, RCC, Sponsoring Lions Club President,
Faculty Advisor & Leo Advisor by 5th of each month, 5.00pm, from July – May 2010
iv) LEO 72 Forms to be submitted to LCI and DC & RCC by 15th of May 2010
v) Incoming B.O.D list for fiscal year 2010/2011 by 31stMarch 2010 to be submitted to the list on
vi) Port-folio system for in-coming B.O.D
*Clubs that fail to qualify for the 100% Administr ation will not be given any other club or individual awards . Exception will be
extended to clubs that are newly founded; special merits and decisions will be made by DC and RCC
Note: Random phone calls will be made to Faculty & Leo Advisors and Sponsoring Lion Presidents to check on
submission of reports

i) Outstanding Club Award
a. Board of Directors followed new Portfolio System*
b. Organized a minimum of 5 projects in the areas of District focus (Refer to point 4)
c. Organized a minimum of 5 school services projects (for alpha only)
d. Attended, provided assistance or jointly organized a minimum of FIVE projects with
sponsoring Lions Club or any other Lions Clubs (For example: Peace Poster, Walk the Talk, Blind
leading the Blind, National Kidney Foundation Fundraising, Eco projects etc)
e. Club member(s) attended a minimum of FIVE projects organized by other Leo Clubs in the
same region
f. Club member(s) attended a minimum of ONE project organized by Leo Clubs from other
regions or districts
g. 10% increment in club membership. (To be referred to membership list submi tted at the beginning of the
fiscal year)

ii) Top Club Award
a. The Leo Club MUST fulfill the Outstanding Leo Club requirements in order to qualify.
Selection base on quality and effectiveness of Club administration and projects.
b. CLD qualification is optional. Should there be a tie, CLD results will be referred to as the tiebreaker.
The higher anyone of your club’s BOD or members have achieved, the better a
chance you stand for theTop Club Award
*Partial change is acceptable

Vice President (Some clubsmay have 2)
Asst Secretary
Asst Treasurer
School Services Director
Environmental Services Director
Health Services Director
Public Relations Director
Fundraising Director
Social Services Director
IT Director
Membership Director
*Your club may also name the Directors as Chairpersons . i.e. School Services Chairperson, Fundraising Chairperson etc. you
may combine two portfolio, like School & IT Services Director, or Health & Environment Director.

4. AREAS OF FOCUS FOR DISTRICT 308B2 2009/2010 (Projects)
i) School services Award (Alpha)
a. Any form of school services that include cleaning of school compound i.e. canteen,
toilets, gardens etc; providing assi stance during sports day, speech day, annual
school concert etc; arranging of chairs/tables for examinations and any other form of
support to the school!
ii) Environment Award
a. Areas of focus include collection of recycled materials that include aluminium
cans/caps, plastic bottles or containers; old newspaper/magazines etc
b. Seminars, exhibition,
c. Taken part or organize in projects organized not only by Leo or Lions but other NGOs
as well, i.e. cleaning of river, pond, park etc
iii) Community/Social Services Award
a. Conducted regular visits to welfare homes like children, old folks, hospital etc
b. Sponsoted Orphans/old folks out of home for a movie; sports day; games or
gathering etc
c. Organized club activities at the home itself, i.e. anniversaries, induction etc
iv) Health Serv ice Award
a. The National Kidney Foundation, NKF, will be given focus this fiscal year. All projects
carried out in relation to NKF will be given recognition based on size and objectivity of
b. Other health services will also be recognized also
v) Information Technology Award (Bulletin, E-Bulletin, Blog etc)
a. Printed newsletters are not encouraged, to save paper!
b. Started a blog and a minimum of 20 valid and relevant posts in the fiscal year is
required to obtain recognition, otherwise
c. Design your newsletter but send it as a soft copy to everyone. Create an E-Bulletin
and minimize paper usage!
vi) Fundraising Award (For Club or for other NGOs)
vii) Cross Regional/District Projects Award
a. Recognitions will be given to clubs that take the initiative to visit or jointly organize
projects with other regions or district
viii) Innovative or Creative Project Award
a. This is an open topic project where your club was encouraged to challenge the norm;
to think out of the box ~ i.e Organized something that no one has done before!
Awards will be given based on creativity and innovation of the project. Note: it doesn’t
have to be a mega scale project!
*Note: All Awards will be given base on the success of the project(s) in terms of objectivity, coverage, awareness etc. Do note that
your club does not have to organize ALL the listed areas of focus as above as they are just guidelines and suggestions

i) President/Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer
a. Chaired all the BODand Club Meetings (President/VP only)
b. Attended at least three (3) Region Leo Meetings (certified by RCC for Leo Clubs)
c. Involved in/attended projects in other regions/districts would be added merits upon
d. 2010 Leo Forum as registered delegate
e. Must be in good standing
ii) Directors
a. Attended at least TWO (2) Region Leo Meetings (certified by RCC for Leo Clubs).
b. Involved in/attended projects in other regions/districts would be added merits upon
c. 2010 Leo Forum as registered delegate
d. Must be in good standing
iii) Member
a. Organized a minimum of 1 project and involved in other Organizing Committee
b. Involved in/attended projects in other regions/districts would be added merits upon
c. 2010 Leo Forum as registered delegate
d. Must be in good standing
Note: Director Awards will be given based on the portfolio system and selection based on the recommendati ons by the club.
Each port-folio Director s tand a chance to win their individual awards. For exampl e: Merit/Outstanding or Top Fundraising
Chairperson; Merit/Outstandi ng or Top Community Service Director etc.

Clubs that fail to switch to the Port-folio system at the beginning of the fiscal year, will have their directors submitti ng for the
generic Director Award. Ass t. Secretary and Treasurer are also eligi ble for this award. i.e. Merit/Outstanding Director (There will
be no Top Awards for the generic Director Award)

i) Personal Development projects (Omega only)
Omega Leo Clubs that organized personal development projects that involved motivational talks,
team building, career talks etc that prepared the members for the working environment in the
ii) Special Projects
Involving cross region/district
iii) Special involvement
Special Awards of recognition to be given to any LEO Club members who were involved in
external (non-Leo/Lion) programs or activities that bring fame to the District. For example, Leo
Alvin Chong who is a finalist in the Astro Talent Quest for 2009 or any Leos who were involved in
sports, entertainment, education etc that achieved a high level of recognition
iv ) Top School Academy
For any Alpha/Omega Leos who scored straight A’s in their major examination like SPM or for
College/Uni based Omega Leo Clubs, their internal or external examinations. Certificates have to
be acknowledged and certified. Note that not all Straight A’s applicants will be awarded.
Selections are based on their involvement in Leo activities
v ) Faculty/Leo Advisors
As recommended by the club, sponsoring Lions Clubs or RCCs
vi) CLD Awards
Special recognitions will be given to clubs that have actively been participating in CLD; individuals
who have contributed to the program including advisors.
*Note: CLD requirements will be reviewed only when there are tie- breakers for Top Individual Awards. i.e. If 3 Outstanding
Presidents have the same qualificati ons and merits, CLD qualifications will then be revi ewed. (The hi gher CLD Cert that you
have, the more chances you will get!

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