Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Submit your MAAR by 5th August 2009

Hi Leo Secretaries/ Presidents

Have you preapred your MAAR and PAR report for the month of July 2009? This is a soft reminder to all Region 1 Leo secretaries for the monthly MAAR submission. By the 5th of August 2009, 5.00pm Malaysias Time, you MUST submit your reports to the following people:

In case you are not familiar on how to fill up the MAAR or PAR form, you may always send an email to RCC Ong Lai Peng to seek her assistance or you may look for myself @

Your reports MUST include:

  • MAAR1
  • PAR (Optional )
  • Treasurer Report (Only to Sponsoring Lions Club President & Advisors!)

Kindly ensure the following:

  1. Zip all files in a folder.
  2. Rename the folder as year-month-region-club (i.e.
  3. When you send an email, please put a title... not just "Report for the month of July!". For example, the title of your email should be "Report for the month of July - Leo Club of Ali Baba
  4. In your email, have the courtesy to type a cover note as I will not accept any emails that are blank. Learn to be courteous and have manners when you send your reports by email. For example:

Dear Lion Alan,

Attached herewith reports for the month of July 2009 for your kind perusal. Should there be any queries, kindly contact me at XXXXXXXX.


Leo Chin Chong Cheng
Leo Club of SMK Ali Baba
Region 5

cc RCC Ong Lai Peng
Sponsoring Club President
Leo Advisor
Faculty Advisor


For more information on how to submit your MAAR, please refer to DC Alan's blog @

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