Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Report, Minutes, Agenda in PDF?

Hi Leos, do you know that PDF (Portable Document Format) is another way to minimize your file size? Other than "freezing" your original format in words/excel and helping to prepare a presentable file, it also helps to minimize the file size too.

Come on, just 5 minutes to download and start using PDF creator for free now. Firstly download the software from and press "Run". Once the installation is completed, you may find "pdf24" as a new additional printer.

Open any file, for example your MAAR1 Report (as shown in the screenshot above), go to FILE>PRINT;
You will see exactly what is shown in the above screenshot. Select the correct printer to print. Remember to choose the printer name with "pdf24".
Click on OK after you have chosen the correct PDF printer.

The above message will be shown right after you've chosen "pdf24". Click on "Save PDF".
and now you're requested to save the file. Choose the folder that you would like to save your file and type in the file name for exmplae "200907-R1-leoclubof_chungling".
Finally,the PDF file is created and now your desire report/ minutes/ agenda is in PDF format. Easy or not? Please email if you have any query or else please drop your feedback here :) Have an enjoyable day ahead.

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