Monday, June 29, 2009

Monthly MAAR1 Report Submission

Dear Leo Secretaries,

i) You need to send the monthly MAAR 1 report (minimum requirement to pass 100% administration)

ii) PAR (Projects & Activities Report) is optional (of course encouraged!!)If you still do not have a copy, here you go:

i) MAAR1

ii) PARDo note the terms and conditions in each the MAAR 1 please.

From 1st July onwards, paper reports will no longer be valid. Kindly send all reports via email to

We will not be printing the LEO DIRECTORY in the coming fiscal year. Instead, the entire District 308B2 LEO Directory will be available on the official Leo 308B2 website and Blog.

Secretaries, we need you to fill up the following forms and have them sent to by 30th July 2009

i) Key Officers & Portfolio Chairperson/Directors for FY 2009/2010
iI) Membership updates

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